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We Are Public Housing

Funded by the federal government and administered by the Northern Regional Housing Authority for the jurisdictions of the following New Mexico counties: Taos, Sandoval, Rio Arriba, San Juan, San Miguel, Colfax, Los Alamos, McKinley, Cibola and Mora.

Our Values

Safe and sanitary housing that is affordable is optimal for success in educational, employment, and health pursuits.

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Taking Care Of Northern New Mexico

Our Mission

The Mission of the Northern Regional Housing Authority is to provide safe, sanitary, and affordable housing to the low and extremely low-income population of Northern New Mexico. We strive to be a positive housing force in our communities by working with appropriate services to assist our families.

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Our Vision

Our Vision

To ensure that every citizen within our region has equal opportunity and options where they live, and opportunities to reach their fullest potential.


Our Goals

Goals and Objectives: Availability of decent, safe, and affordable housing: By continuing to renovate and modernize public housing units, to make them more energy efficient, secure, and appealing in appearance as funding permits. By continuing to work with law enforcement agencies to develop strategies for identifying and reducing crime and to provide housing for law enforcement officers within our developments.

Ensure equal opportunities in housing for all: undertake affirmative measures to ensure access to assisted housing regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, and disability, with our ACOP policy in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can apply. Eligibility may vary based on income and availability.

Please pick up a housing application at the office nearest you. The application will have a checklist of items needed from you to complete the application process. Our waiting list is a first come first serve basis and varies site to site.

Eligibility is considered based off HUD guidelines.

Rent is based off 30% of your income.

Someone within the household must be a US citizen.

We do not offer emergency housing and must honor our waiting list for housing.
Tenancy is dependent on the tenant.

Yes, pets are allowed. However, we do have a pet policy you must abide by.

The rent is due on the 1st of each month. After the 10th, there will be a $5.00 late fee.

Deposits vary in size on unit. They are as follows: $100.00 for an efficiency, or a 0 bedroom, $125.00 for a 1 bedroom, $200.00 for a 2 bedroom, $250.00 for a 3 bedroom, $300.00 for a 4 bedroom, and $350.00 for a 5 bedroom home.

Call your local office and submit a work order. All maintenance is done by NRHA staff.

Health, life, and safety concerns are considered emergencies.

As often as they occur. It’s imperative to report any income changes as soon as possible.

Give a 30-day written notice to your local office.

Counties We Serve

Northern Regional Housing Authority houses the following jurisdictions of New Mexico counties: Taos, Sandoval, Rio Arriba, San Juan, San Miguel, Colfax, Los Alamos, McKinley, Cibola and Mora.

New Mexico counties jurisdiction
  • Northern Region
  • Eastern Region
  • Western Region
  • Urban Region


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